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Male client has a scar. We filled in his brows to simulate hair on the scared area that didn't grow hair.

Picture taken immediately after procedure

Microbladed Brows. Each hair is drawn individually using a hand held blade pen

Full Face on both of these ladies - Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips - Naturally Beautiful...PERMANENTLY!

Hairstroke brows. Each hair is drawn individually with a  machine

Hair Simulation. Immediate results on this thinning hairline. Color looks very dark, immediately after the procedure but softens as it heals

Eyeliner  correction. Client  got work done at another facility. She didn't like it that they that left the lines too long. Picture taken immediately after procedure.

Hair Simulation is a great treatment for thinning hair.

We can transform faded permanent brows into beautiful natural looking brows.
A. Client's faded tattoo
B. Immediately after microblading
C. Brows completely healed